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Delaware County Board of Supervisors Update

Tina B. Molé, Chairman
Christa M. Schafer, Clerk

March 27, 2020

Delaware County continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic around the clock.

As of today there are 6 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19. There are an additional 13 people under mandatory quarantine and 5 people under precautionary quarantine. To date 101 people have been tested in Delaware County. Of those we are still waiting for results from 15 tests; there have been 77 negatives and there are 9 confirmed positives, 3 of which do not live in Delaware County so they have been referred to the county of the individual’s residence.

Of the 6 remaining confirmed positive cases in Delaware County 3 are isolated and receiving medical care in a hospital, 2 are isolated and recovering safely at their homes and 1 has fully recovered and is no longer in isolation.

We would like to stress that the number of confirmed cases does not mean the total number of potential cases in the County. Due to the limited access for testing, the number of confirmed cases is not reflective of the current spread of COVID-19.

It is for this reason that we are continuing to ask that all Delaware County residents continue to practice social distancing. Limit your access to others and be vigilant about washing your hands.

We would also like to applaud the efforts of our local residents and business owners that have risen to the challenges of this pandemic. The generosity of neighbors to shop for the elderly, crafters making masks for our health care workers and businesses supporting our children that may need a meal with schools closed. These actions exemplify the character of the people that call Delaware County home. These efforts make life easier for all of us and shows how caring and supportive our communities really are.

All of the members of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors are concerned about our resident’s and the impact of this pandemic. They have instructed our capable staff to help us make decisions that best serve the public health and safety. Delaware County is fortunate to have dedicated employees that have adjusted their way of working to continue to serve the residents of Delaware County through these trying times. We cannot do any of this without the dedication of our first responders, our Sheriff’s office, our public health nurses and all other essential county staff that has continued to work around the clock to protect all of Delaware County.

We are confident that we will overcome this and we will soon be able to work toward getting things stabilized and back to normal. Your Board of Supervisors is committed to the continued support of our county and the needs of our residents as we get through this. We will continue to provide updates with the newest information as it becomes available.