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Message from the Middletown Town Board

During this unprecedented time, dominated by uncertainty and fear, the Middletown Town Board feels it’s important to remind everyone that we are all in this together — full-time and part-time residents, and others traveling from densely populated areas seeking refuge.

Each day presents new challenges and even the most common tasks — such as grocery shopping and visiting the post office — now involve unique precautions to ensure safety for ourselves and those we encounter.

“Social Distancing” has become the dominant phrase — and with good reason. Taking steps to slow the dissemination of COVID-19 is the most important work any of us can do on a daily basis.

Towards this end, we simply ask that everyone engage in the rules of Social Distancing and act responsibly. Services are limited and we are all feeling the strain on many fronts. We ask that you make your purchases in moderation out of consideration for others, and take every precaution to limit the spread of the virus.

Residents and visitors all have the same goal of getting through this pandemic. It’s important that we work in unity as we make our way through this very trying period.

Carl Patrick Davis,
and the
Middletown Town Board