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Fleischmanns Water / Wastewater Treatment Message

Fleischmanns Wastewater Treatment Plant and Water Systems are managed by Cedarwood Environmental and they are on the job.
Operations continue as normal but Fleischmanns WWTP personnel “cannot enter private residences. This includes water meter readings and any potential water or sewer intrusion into the premises. We are enforcing this as it protects everyone from potential exposure. Should water or sewer intrusion be an issue, we will still respond in the same manner to isolate and/or diagnose, but we cannot enter dwellings.”
Also, “We understand that during this time, there will be increased cleaning and disinfection schedules. We please ask that residents do not flush these materials down the toilet and properly dispose in the garbage. These materials include any fibrous wipes, including baby wipes, Clorox wipes, etc., Swiffer mop heads, paper towels, or any other materials that are not labelled ‘septic safe’. These materials have the potential to plug up pipes, pumps, and wastewater treatment plant headworks systems. A convenient phrase to help remember not to flush these items is, “Save our pipes, don’t flush your wipes.”
If any water or sewer issues pop up please contact the village office at
845 254-5514
or e-mail:
Do not contact Cedarwood directly.